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2.87sMy God, Peter, you wore those pajamas to your office?
1.53sHey, at least I'm mixing it up a little bit.
2.67sGreen shirt, tan pants, that's refreshing.
2.97sOh, boy, does it feel good to undo my butt flap.
3.44sEw! Dad! We don't want to sit here and look at your ass.
4.5sYes. I'd rather look at Meg toweling off after a shower when she does that butt floss thing.
2.17sEw! Ew! That's so disgusting.
1.97sI hope I don't ever accidentally use that towel.
7.07s(SCREAMS) Lois, I have never been more comfortable as a person than I am in these feety pajamas, all warm and furry.
1.77sThis is what it feels like to be a bear.
2.1sYou remember what I used to say, Lois, when we first got married?
2.8sYou remember? I used to say, "What would it feel like to be a bear?"
1.9sWell, this is it. This is it.
2.07sI'm living it, baby. No, you're not.
2.03sYou've been wearing those things for three days.
2.54sYou can wear them to bed, but tomorrow we're getting rid of them.
3.57s(SIGHS) Fine. Screw up all my fuzziness.