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3.4sWrite down any number on this piece of paper, and I will pay it.
1.23sAll right. So, we roll the dice,
2.07sand then we both have to yell Yahtzee really loud.
1.27s- At the same time? - Yeah.
1.43sAnd you have to flap your wrists, like this.
1.97sAnd you'll do it, too? Of course. That's how it's done.
1.27s- Okay. - All right, ready?
1.1sOkay, you're gonna do with me?
1.1sOh, yeah.
1.63s- Yahtzee! - Gay.
1.03sYou suck!
1.67sHey, everybody. I'm home from work.
2.87sMy God, Peter, you wore those pajamas to your office?
1.53sHey, at least I'm mixing it up a little bit.
2.67sGreen shirt, tan pants, that's refreshing.
2.97sOh, boy, does it feel good to undo my butt flap.
3.44sEw! Dad! We don't want to sit here and look at your ass.
4.5sYes. I'd rather look at Meg toweling off after a shower when she does that butt floss thing.
2.17sEw! Ew! That's so disgusting.
1.97sI hope I don't ever accidentally use that towel.