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2.09sThrow the bee and go to college.
2.76sThrow the bee and go to college.
1.63sWe are the Seven Sisters...
1.97sand you could attend any one of us-
2.73sLike Barnard, Columbia’s girl next door.
2.56sCome to Radcliffe and meet Harvard men.
1.83sOr come to Wellesley and marry them.
2.43sNo, party with mel
2.47sOr nonconform with mel
1.76sPlay lacrosse with mel
2.87sOr explore with me. Mmm!
3.87sNo! I dont want to pay for college by throwing a spelling bee.
1.59sGive in, Lisa.
2.76s- Get a free ride. - And a hot plate!
3.66sFree ride. Free ride. Free ride.
1.47sAnd a hot plate!
2.37sWhat is it, sweetie?
3.2sMom, I'm having a crisis of conscience.
2.47sCan you and Dad afford to send me to college?