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3.2sf Groans f This has gotta be the slowest news day ever.
1.47sAh, that's better.
1.52sParis is no more.
3.16sThe legendary City of Lights has been extinguished forever as a massive-
1.26sOkay, champ.
2.3s"l" before "E," except after "C."
2.83sExcept when pronounced like "A," as in "neighbor" and "weigh."
2.09sReally? Hmm!
4.33sWell, what about in the sentence "Jim Nabors is way cool”?
1.73sWell, how often is that gonna come up?
2.03sts on my apron.
1.63sYeah. I got work to do.
1.47sHey, lookee.
3.6sts that young’un what sorts them squiggles into words.
1.9sCan you spell "scabies'"?
3.4sRubella, we got you a middle name.