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2.26sWow. I better make the most ofthis.
1.7sFree Tibet!
1.66sThere'll be time for that later.
3.6sNow you can concentrate on representing our school at the state spelling finals.
3.2sLisa! Lisa! Lisa!
1.59sAnd here's your prize for today-
2.87sA scale model ofthe planet Mars.
2.3sThis is just a kickball with "Mars" written on it.
2.63sBehold, the Red Planet!
1.97sIt was so exciting.
3.03sI actually got applause for being smart.
1.83sMars, eh?
2.7sMmm. I see no evidence of water.
2.43sWell, this is very impressive, Lisa.
2.43sI'm kicking this right onto the mantel.
1.66sWell, I'm not done yet.
5.03sPrincipal Skinner said if I win the state finals, I can go to the Spellympics.
5.17sI'm just happy you’re excited about something besides saving the whales.