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1.7sHey, hey!
1.87sHey, it's the guy from the drive-through.
3.27sYeah. I'd like three Ribwiches, a Diet Coke-
1.47sWill you get out of my-
3.03sLook, uh, about the Ribwich.
2.06sThere arent gonna be any more.
2.59sThe animal we made 'em from is now extinct.
0sThe pig?
1.33sThe cow?
1.47sYou’re way off.
2.97sThink smaller. Think more legs.
3.49sPeople, we went through something magical together...
2.03sand it's not important who got rich off of whom...
1.97sor who was exposed to tainted what...
2.23sand because you believed in my dream...
3.16sI want you to fight over the last Ribwich ever made.
2.23sWelcome to the real world, hippies!
4.1sWow. What a long, strange product rollout it's been. Good-bye!
2.16sMan, you got the last Ribwich.
1.33sI'll give you anything for it.
1.47sPlease! Please!
2.03sI'll get you four days and three nights at a Comfort Inn...