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2.83syou can just lean back and let 'er rip.
3.34sYou expect people to go to the bathroom in their living rooms?
3.45sSure. Believe me, every man in America will want to have one.
2.23sGangway! Gotta poop. No, Bart!
4.49sHomer, all these inventions, they're-- Yes?
1.95sOh-- They're not very--
1.23sYes? Yes? Yes?
0.48sThey're terrible.
3.84sI'm not saying you're a bad inventor.
4.5sI'm just saying these particular... inventions are awful,
4.54sand no one in their right mind would buy them or accept them as gifts.
3.14sBut this is the best I could do.
4.24sI guess I'm no better at being Thomas Edison than I was at being Homer Simpson.
3.29sOh, dear. I hope I wasn't too rough on him.
3.7sSomebody had to tell him, Mom. In the long run, it's much kinder to--
3.47sDo you mind?