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2.6sStupid movies.
3.57sWho invented these dumb things anyway? Was it you, Bart?
0.67sIt was Thomas Edison, Dad.
2.82sI thought he invented the lightbulb.
4.02sThat too. He also invented the phonograph, the microphone and the electric car.
1.67sNo one man can do all that.
1.93sYou're a liar, honey-- a dirty, rotten liar.
2.23sFinish her! Finish her!
3.15sIt's true. I read it on a place mat at a restaurant.
4.49sReally? A restaurant? Well, now I don't know what to think.
2.24sGo! Go! Go!
3.09sGo! Go! Go! Top of the world, Ma!
3.17sCut it out, boy.
2.02sDad, what are you doin' here?
1.23sReadin' about this Edison character.