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2.52seven though it would've been the best thing for him.
2.1sYou know what that man's name was?
1.73sJon Benet Ramsey.
2.2s(STUTTERING) I think. I think that's the guy.
1.03sYou're darn right, what.
1.43sNow, let's get back in there.
2.63sPeter, get lost! I'm not gonna retire, and that's that!
2.67sCome on, Carter, everybody's got to retire at some point.
2.2sLike that drill sergeant with Alzheimer's.
1.73sLooks like we got a joker here.
1.37sWhat's your name, soldier?
1.33sSir, McArdle, sir!
1.4sWell, no shit!
3.44sYou look like some kind of joker to me. What's your name, soldier?
1.33sSir, McArdle, sir!
3.54sAre you fucking shitting me? Probably some kind of joker.
1.27sWhat's your name, soldier?
1.37sSir, McArdle, sir!
1.75sWell, la-dee-fucking-da!
2.8sI guess we got some kind of joker here!
1.7sLook, Carter, I'll make a deal with you.
4.72sYou give me just one day to show you how great retired life can be for an old fella,
1.7sand I'll let you honk the horn one time.
2.29s- Really? - Uh-huh.
1.45sI'm pretending there's traffic.