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4.87sSo much so that I'm prepared to give up show business itself to be with you.
4.95sBut you always said you'd rather burn down a convent than give up show business.
1.92sI always said many things.
3.37sBut now, all I want is a peaceful life in a quiet villa...
2.6soverlooking a vineyard... with you.
3.32sWould we have donkeys?
1.78sAll you could eat.
4.57sOh, take me in your arms and compress me! Compress me tight!
2.84sStop! Let us climb to the heavens,
4.14sthat the gods themselves might envy us!
3.49sI just don't think I can go through with this scam.
1.14sSo, now you do wanna marry him?
3.59sNo. I just don't wanna hurt him or humiliate him.