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3.54sNow if you'll excuse me, I need to meet with my wedding planner.
3.57sZoidy poo, please tell me frilly is in this year.
3.99sI saw a frilly cake in here you would remember all your life.
1.6sI know I will.
3.14sLate at night it taunts me with its frosted beauty.
2.02sOrder the cake, damn it!
3.2sI have something for you.
1.9sA remote control? You got me a TV?
3.64sNo, my dearest. It's the remote control to my heart.
3.82sIt symbolizes the power you have to sway my emotions.
0.38sWill it work on my TV?
2.67sWe don't need TVs.
1.93sWe have each other!