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3.87sWelcome to the games of the 3004 Earth Olympiad...
3.64scontinuing this network's tradition of sportscasting excellence.
4.37sCelebrity Ape Fight will return next week at its regular time.
1.93sSo who should I root for?
2.6sAmerica or one of those countries I learned about at the food court?
2.1sHow about those guys?
2.87sNo. They're from the Republic of French Stereotypes.
1.9sEverybody hates them.
2.1sOh! Let's go check on Hermes.
4.6sAll this inspiring multiculturalism is "angrying" up my blood!
4.14sSweden? I don't think so!
3.24sGo on, stick, touch me! Can't do it!
4.17sHusband, you haven't been an Olympic class limboer for 20 years!
2sQuit lying to your pudgy self.
3.8sIt does seem like jamaica would be able to field a strong limbo team without you.
2.74sYeah. Isn't that basically all jamaicans do?
4.47sJamaicans have other interests! Which is why the limbo team got detained at the airport.