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4.42sI finally meet a nice girl, with a pair of legs that don't quit unexpectedly,
2.95sand that jerk Flexo steals her away?
3.47sIt's time to kick some shiny metal ass!
2.75sYou degenerate hussy!
2.47sI'm disappointed in you too, Angleene.
2.05sBender, it's-it's not what you think.
2.9sOh, God, then it's worse than I think!
3.07sNow look, there is no reason to be upset.
2.75sFlexo and I are divorced.
0.61sDiv-- Huh?
2.59sWe're just havin' dinner 'cause we wanna stay friends.
1.74sAh, I knew that.
3.37sWhat I'm actually outraged by is your choice of wine!
2.17sReally, it's the steward's fault.
2.2sExcellent choice, sir.
2.92sThat Flexo! Why, I'm knockin' him right on his butt.
1.93sCan't believe this.
2.17sObsessing won't help, Bender.