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2.8sMe too. Me too.
4.2sSo, Flexo and Angleene had sex right there on the factory floor?
2.64sWell, at least you got bending out of your system.
5.27sYes. I won't be up to bending again for a long, long time.
2.97sPerhaps it's your outlook that needs a good bend--
1.94sa 90-degree bend--
3.6sto a place where happiness is perpendicular to wonderment.
3.27sProfessor, we're all sick of your upbeat attitude.
3.9sNonsense. It's just like in the song I wrote.
5.57sWe all need a new angle on life Bender, you've gotta help us.
3.94sI try to get out, but they keep pullin' me back in!
3.67sWangle a new dangle on life