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2sHere you are, my lad.
4.4sBring the lady's car around in the finest way possible.
2.27sHe's flashin' his cash loaf again.
3.32s- How many times is that? Two or three? - Three.
2.94sAll right. That's the necessary number of times.
3.77sThat scab's gonna have a little on-the-job accident.
1.93sWith all due respect, Donbot,
2.7sI don't think we should rely on an accident happenin'.
2.5sLet's kill him ourselves.
4.22sWell, good night. I had a great time.
2.97sHow about a lift... to your place?
1.39sAdmit it.
2.07sYou felt somethin' for me tonight.
2.25sAnd by "me" I mean Flexo.
1.94sHey, look, I had fun, but--
1.94s- But? - But--