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2.5sTime for some Tikka Masala.
3.64sDoctor, I won't lie to you. I'm a little uncertain about this.
1.68sThat's perfectly natural, Mrs. Griffin,
3.8sand you should ask as many questions as you can before you decide.
1.37sSo how's it work, Doc?
2.27sYou strap her down and then go hacking at her like Sweeney Todd?
3.02sNo, no! Good Lord, this is not 2005.
2sWe've come a long way since then.
2.94sOkay, what? So you go stabbing in there with a laser and you try to zap it out,
3.6slike burning an ant with a magnifying glass?
1.13sNo, Mr. Griffin.
3.29sWell, so what, you, like, hold her legs open and, like, send a Pit Bull in there?
2.2sYou know, and one of them little rat-hunting dogs?
2.07sAnd then he comes back out with it in his mouth and he goes...
2.77s(SNARLING) And, you know, you can't get it away from him,
1.53s'cause, you know, it's his thing.
2.22sNo. Mr. Griffin, it's a very simple,
4.74ssafe procedure in which we very precisely and delicately remove the embryo.
3.9sWe do it all the time, and I promise it's virtually risk-free.