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1.72s(SIGHING) I don't know, Peter.
3.62sWell, there's no harm in visiting the Family Planning Center just to see what your options are.
2.67s(SIGHING) It's such a big decision.
1.07sOf course it's a big decision.
1.4sLife is full of big decisions.
2.97sLike deciding whether or not to have Indian food.
5.84sLois, do I need to do anything tomorrow that doesn't involve me being bent over in excruciating pain three feet from a toilet?
2.5sTime for some Tikka Masala.
3.64sDoctor, I won't lie to you. I'm a little uncertain about this.
1.68sThat's perfectly natural, Mrs. Griffin,
3.8sand you should ask as many questions as you can before you decide.
1.37sSo how's it work, Doc?
2.27sYou strap her down and then go hacking at her like Sweeney Todd?
3.02sNo, no! Good Lord, this is not 2005.