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2.67sbump Japanese cartoon monkey logo mouths?
4.77sWell, let's just say Naomi and I experimented quite a bit in college.
3.37sNo way! My wife messed around with another chick!
1.43sThank you, God!
1.6sDon't mention it, Peter.
1.27sHave fun!
2.04sNaomi, I'm so glad you're here.
2.43sI haven't seen you in, what, 20 years?
3.34sIt's great to see you, too, Lois. It really is.
3.1sYou know, the fact is, I came here hoping to run into you.
2.04sReally? Well, that's nice.
3.3sYou see, I'd like to propose something to you and your husband.
2.13sOh, my God. I'm dreaming.
1.27sI'm dreaming right now.