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1.42sYou know, Lois, you're not a young woman.
2.2sOdds are that baby's gonna be chromosomally damaged,
2.73slike those cats you see in the Special Animalympics.
4.14sSo, Whiskers, how does it feel to finally win your event after years of training?
2.07sWhy don't you put the baby up for adoption?
1.4sWell, what do we do until then?
2.8sI mean, we can't afford nine months of medical bills.
2.18sWell, you could have an abortion.
1.7sThere you go, Lois! We abort it.
1.43sSend it on up to Dale and Naomi.
1.5sHell, they're probably waiting for it anyway.
1.53sIf they left their mittens here, you wouldn't keep them.
1.47sYou'd send them back. Abort the thing.
1.72s(SIGHING) I don't know, Peter.
3.62sWell, there's no harm in visiting the Family Planning Center just to see what your options are.