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1.87sLois, I bet I can drink more bleach than you.
2sOkay, you know what, Peter? Stop it!
1.42sI know you're not happy about this,
2.54sbut I am pregnant and I am having this baby!
2.03sSo knock it off, because I have had it!
2.47sNo, I've had it! I don't want you pregnant!
3.77sYou'll be fat and cranky and your boobs will get bigger and you'll stop having your period...
1.63sWait, how do I feel about this?
1.73sNo. No, I'm against it, I say!
1.5sPeter, this is important.
2.57sNaomi and Dale are placing their trust in us.
2.17sAnd besides, it's just nine months.
2sThen everything will be back to normal.
2.2sREPORTER ON TV: We interrupt this program for a breaking news story.
4.72sA devastating pileup on I-95 has injured eight people and killed two others.
4.09sNaomi and Dale Robinson were pronounced dead on arrival at Quahog Hospital.