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2.39sLois, Dale and I just want to thank you again.
1.73sYou're making us so happy.
2.54sWell, I wish my husband felt the same way you do,
2sbut he's just gonna have to accept it.
1.43sNow, Mrs. Griffin, you should understand,
2.6sa procedure like this is not without its risks.
5.21sFor example, here's what happened when we fertilized an egg from Shelley Duvall with a sperm from James Blunt.
2.55sHere's Hilary Swank and Gary Busey.
2.02sFlorence Griffith Joyner and Stephen Hawking.
1.43sOkay, I think that's enough.
2.37sI got more funny ones. I got Tina Fey and Joaquin Phoenix.
1.1sYeah, I think we're fine.
1.67sLot of face stuff going on in that one.
1.2sYeah, let's just get to it.
4.8sOkay, so the eggs have already been fertilized by means of intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
2.64sAnd now, the embryos will be inserted.