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1.5sAll right, then, it's settled.
1.24sI'm gonna do this.
3.14sNo you're not, Lois. I'm sorry, but I forbid it.
3.74sAnd I'm supposed to blindly go along with everything you decide for the both of us?
2.2sYes, Lois. That's how we coexist.
3.77sJust like I coexist with the tiny race of people who live in our carpet.
4.52s(MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY) Dad, what's that? I think I hear music.
1.93sOh, that's the little people, Chris.
3.64sThey're playing music so that I will bless them with food.
2.39sLois, Dale and I just want to thank you again.
1.73sYou're making us so happy.
2.54sWell, I wish my husband felt the same way you do,
2sbut he's just gonna have to accept it.
1.43sNow, Mrs. Griffin, you should understand,
2.6sa procedure like this is not without its risks.
5.21sFor example, here's what happened when we fertilized an egg from Shelley Duvall with a sperm from James Blunt.