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1.7sAll right, Peter, I don't know what this is about,
4.07sbut you're my best friend and I'd like to think that you'd do the same for me.
2.1sWait a minute. So you guys can't have a baby?
1.23sUnfortunately, no.
1.7sWell, whose fault is it?
2.67sI mean, which one of you has the thing that's horribly wrong with them?
2.17sIs it you, Naomi? You got a bum cervix?
1.87sPeter! It's nobody's fault.
1.64sConception is complicated.
2.49sDale, it's you, isn't it? You got a bum dong.
1.22sWill you help us, Lois?
3.64sWell, I'm honored that you would ask me, Naomi.
1.37sI'll have to think about it.
2.47sI mean, this is a life-altering choice.
2.67sYou know, like an Italian choosing to get glasses.
2.23sOkay, read the third row down, please.
1.9sEveryone, I have something to say.
1.85sI've given this long and careful thought,
3.07sand I've decided to carry Naomi and Dale's child for them.