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2.62sOh, my God! You thought that's what we were here for?
1.57sYou're not? No!
1.45sWell, then what are you doing here?
3.04sWell, Dale and I found out that we can't have children.
3.74sWe've conceived many times, but for some reason the eggs won't attach.
4.4sIt was suggested that I find a healthy woman who would consider carrying our child to term.
2.13sAnd, well, Lois, that's why we're here.
2.43sWe were wondering if you would be our surrogate.
3.8sOh, my God. You want me to carry your child?
1.79sYes. What?
1.7sAll right, Peter, I don't know what this is about,
4.07sbut you're my best friend and I'd like to think that you'd do the same for me.
2.1sWait a minute. So you guys can't have a baby?
1.23sUnfortunately, no.
1.7sWell, whose fault is it?
2.67sI mean, which one of you has the thing that's horribly wrong with them?
2.17sIs it you, Naomi? You got a bum cervix?
1.87sPeter! It's nobody's fault.
1.64sConception is complicated.
2.49sDale, it's you, isn't it? You got a bum dong.
1.22sWill you help us, Lois?