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4.59sWhat if you look at the ultrasound and see that the baby's gonna be born with no arms and no legs?
1.43sYou name it Matt.
3.64s(TOOTING) Peter, I honestly don't care what you say.
2.64sI am going back to that clinic and I'm having that abortion.
1.2sOh, no, you're not!
2.4sOh, yes, I am! Now you get out of my way!
1.97sLois, you go down there and I'll blow the place up!
1.6sYou wouldn't! You've seen Family Guy!
1.77sYou know I would!
3.34sSo what, you'd kill a bunch of doctors to show them that killing is wrong?
1.7sDoes that make sense to you, Peter?
3.49sDoes it? I guess not.
2.27s(SIGHING) So what the hell do we do, huh?
4.34sI mean, we're not gonna solve anything by standing here screaming at each other.
2.14sYou and I are in this together, Peter,
4.47sand whatever we decide, we both have to agree that it's the right thing to do.
1.28sWell, so now what?
3.07sI say we go upstairs and have a long talk,