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3.3sYou see, I'd like to propose something to you and your husband.
2.13sOh, my God. I'm dreaming.
1.27sI'm dreaming right now.
2.34sOf course, Naomi, what did you have in mind?
2.8sWell, this really isn't the place to discuss it.
4.77sIt's just something I was wondering if you and your husband would participate in.
1.67sI'm totally dreaming right now.
4.44sWell, as long as I'm dreaming, I might as well pee my pants.
3.18sWell, Naomi, whatever it is, I'm sure we'd be happy to help.
3.25sOh, my God. I don't believe it! I'm gonna have a three-way!
2.3sThis even tops sex with a mermaid.
1.72sWhere is it? Keep looking!
2.7sI can't find it anywhere. Keep looking!
1.63sThere's nothing but a fish tail down there.
1.73sKeep looking!
1.1sOh, there we go.
1.27sThat's not it!
1.5sIt's gonna be!