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2.03sNo, Lois, I'm here to save the unborn.
2.5sOnce they get out of the vagina, they can go fuck themselves.
3.22sPeter, what's inside of Lois won't be remotely human for six months.
2.67sThere's no brain activity until at least the 27th week.
1.23sIt's still a person, Brian.
2.5sIt's a woman's responsibility to carry it to term.
1.3sWell, what if a woman is raped?
2.44sMaybe she should have thought of that before she asked me for directions.
1.95sHuh? What about incest, Peter?
1.48sWhat's incest?
2.44sYou know how cousin Lou has that kid whose eyes touch?
2.5sSo what, you're saying Touch Eyes doesn't deserve to exist?
1.73sBoy, you don't mind him when you want a needle threaded.
2.87sI'm just saying that they should have at least had the option.
1.5sHow can you say that?
2.37sThink of all the love he's given to Uncle Mom and Aunt Dad.
1.65sOkay, this argument isn't working.
2.63sPeter, what if carrying the baby to term would endanger the mother's life?
2.03sI don't know what seven of those words were.