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1.2sIt's alive, isn't it?
2.3sTo kill any living thing is an abortion.
2.23sThat's what the man I just met outside the clinic told me.
1.57sAnd he had a T-shirt on that confirmed it.
2.57sOkay, well, sperm is alive, and every time you masturbate,
3.34smillions of them die, so is it wrong to kill sperm?
1.67sYes. Yes, it is.
2.3sFrom now on, no more masturbating in this house.
0.33s(STAMMERING) What?
1.75sBecause masturbation is abortion.
2.67sBut abortion helps me get my homework done.
2.67sAnd sometimes I abort in my sleep!
1.87sWhat am I supposed to do about that?
3.22sPeter, I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but according to the law,
3.07sit is still my right to choose what I do with my body.
1.63sWell, the law is wrong, Lois!
3.24sOkay, Peter, if you're so pro-life, let me ask you this.
3.77sWould you go down to the orphanage and claim an unwanted baby and take care of it?