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1.53sSo, how'd it go at the clinic?
2.75sFine at first, but then there was a complication.
2sWe have decided against the procedure.
1.05sReally? Why?
1.6sBecause it's killing babies, Brian.
1.5sIf God wanted us to kill babies,
1.57she'd make them all Chinese girls.
2.2sPeter, it's not a baby, it's a fertilized egg.
1.53sIt's the size of the tip of a pin.
1.2sIt's alive, isn't it?
2.3sTo kill any living thing is an abortion.
2.23sThat's what the man I just met outside the clinic told me.
1.57sAnd he had a T-shirt on that confirmed it.
2.57sOkay, well, sperm is alive, and every time you masturbate,
3.34smillions of them die, so is it wrong to kill sperm?
1.67sYes. Yes, it is.
2.3sFrom now on, no more masturbating in this house.
0.33s(STAMMERING) What?
1.75sBecause masturbation is abortion.