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2.17sNice going, Schweinhund!
1.77sThe fourth Stooge. That's right.
2.44sThere were supposed to be four Stooges!
2.05sIt was gonna be hilarious!
3.97sAnd Osama Bin Laden's America-loving older brother.
2.34sI would have talked him out of it!
3.72sWow. Thanks a lot for 9/11, abortion enthusiasts!
2.44sAnd remember, not only is abortion murder,
3.64sbut it's also larceny, jaywalking and securities fraud.
5sAnd did you know the baby you're aborting may also have a baby inside of it that you're also aborting?
2.57sNow that you know this, do you want an abortion?
1.79sNo! No, I do not!
2.12sPeter, what the hell are you doing?
1.82sHave you lost your mind?
1.82sDon't you worry, unborn fetus child!
3.65sI am here to save you and protect you! I have seen the light!
2.9sBless you, sir! You should be very proud of yourself!
2.84sOh, I am. Prouder than when I was a peacock.
2.72sGriffin, nice work on the Anderson account.