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1.47sY-Y-Y-Y-You're a little creep, Marty,
1.33sY-You're a -- you're -- you're --
1.93syou're just a little creepy-, creep person.
3.26sAll right, fine. I should have just listened to you when you refused to make the serum.
1.83sI'm willing to accept my part of the blame for this, Rick.
1.63sBut I'll tell you something -- you know what?
1.59sYou gotta accept your part ofthe blame!
1.76sI'm not the one who fouled up the serum!
1.76sI'm not the one who -- who -- who --
1.37swho haphazardly, you know,
3.4smixed a bunch of nonsense together and created a bunch of Cronenbergs!
2.3sYou gotta fix this, Rick! All right, all right, Marty,
1.66sYou know, w-w-w-we are in a pretty deep hole, here,
4.6sbut I do have one emergency solution that I can use that'll kind of put everything back to normal,
1.43srelatively speaking.
3.4sHere, Marty, put this on while I do a little bit of scouting.
1.93sMORTY: Wow, Rick, I gotta say --
2.06syou really pulled a rabbit out of your hat this time.
3.77sI mean, l-l really thought that the whole place was gonna be messed up for good,
1.9sbut here, you did it -- y-y-you -- you --