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1.76sJERRY: Try not to worry about it, Marty,
5.33sYou're a good kid, and there's not a premium on that right now, but you'll be getting girls sometime after Brad's out of shape.
1.59sYou're missing the point, Dad.
2.53sI don't want girls. I want Jessica.
4.96sAh, well, I remember feeling that way about a young lady named "your mom,"
1.4sand that's not an urban diss.
1.49sYour mom was my Jessica.
1.47sI remember the first time I saw her.
1.47sI thought -- "I should get her pregnant,
1.47sand then she'll have to marry me."
2.13sI beg your pardon, Rick -- inappropriate.
3.3sSorry, please proceed with your story about banging my daughter in high school.
2.37sI'm not sure you wanna take romantic advice from this guy, Marty,
1.93sHis marriage is hanging from a thread.
2.26sMy marriage is fine, thank you.
5.13sJerry, it's your house -- whatever you say it is is how it is -- but I think a blind man could see that Beth is looking for the door.