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1.13sWhere's Marty?
1.33sI don't know.
2.06sDo you think Grandpa Rick had something to do with this?
1.8sIt's not fair to assume that, Summer.
1.97sOh, not fair? Give me a break.
1.99sHe is a selfish, irresponsible ass,
1.4sand he left my mother.
2.8sA real man stands by his woman.
2.76sJ, Tchoo. Tchoo-tchoo-tchoo. Tchoo-tchoo J,
2.59sBoy, I really Cronenberged the world up, didn't I?
3.43sWe got a whole planet of Cronenbergs walking around down there, Marty,
2.03sA-At least they're not in love with you anymore, though.
1.73sThat's a huge step in the right direction.
2.26sOh, my God! It's a living nightmare!
2.47sHow could you be so irresponsible, Rick?
4.16sMe irresponsible?! You -- all I wanted you to do was hand me a screwdriver, Marty!
8.24sYou're the one who wanted to be -- wanted me to buckle down and make you up a,,, roofie-juice serum so you could roofie that poor girl at your school.
2.97sI mean, g-- W-W-W-W-W-- w-- are you kidding me, Marty?
1.93sYou're gonna try to take the high road on this one?