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1.26sYou know what, though, Marty?
1.8sThis right here's gonna do the trick, baby.
2.43slt's koala mixed with rattlesnake, chimpanzee,
2.26scactus, shark, golden retriever,
1.8sand just a smidge of dinosaur.
1.66sShould add up to normal humanity.
1.76sI don't -- that doesn't make any sense, Rick.
1.97sHow does that add up to normal humanity?
1.7sWhat, Marty, you want me to show you my math?
3.47sI'm sorry -- a-are you the scientist or are you the kid that wanted to get laid?
1.8sWell, I'm glad we saved all those horses,
1.9sbut I'm almost sorry we're finished.
1.49sYes, it's satisfying work.
2.13sUnh-unh-unh, it's, uh -- it's more than the work.
2.43sI love being in that sterilized room,
2.16ssealed off from the world.
2.26sIt's the only time I can really think... and feel.
2.3sHmm, uh, what are you doing?
2.06sI'm playing African dream pop,
2.16sWhat do you do after a long night?
2.8sOh, ha, um, hey, I b-- I'd better get going.
2.66sUm, Jerry's been texting some pretty high-maintenance stuff.
1.9s- Beth... - What is it, Davin?
2.87sJust once, I'd like to know --