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1.47sWhere is Marty?
5.54s[conversing in foreign ianguage f Oh, my god, Rick. The whole world is infected!
2.13sYeah, it's pretty wild how fast that spread.
2.2sI've really outdone myself. Outdone yourself?!
1.83sW-W-- a-are -- are you kidding me, Rick?
1.56sThis is not okay!
1.73sNot only do they all want to have sex with me,
1.93sbut, you know, now they want to eat me afterwards!
1.37sYeah, I don't know what I was thinking.
1.7sMantises are the opposite of voles?
2.66sI mean, obviously, DNA's more complicated than that.
1.26sYou know what, though, Marty?
1.8sThis right here's gonna do the trick, baby.