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3.47sI didn't realize when I gave you that serum that Jessica had the flu -- you know,
2.73st-t-t-t-t-that might have been valuable information for me!
1.3sWhat the hell is going on, Rick?
1.43sWhat does it look like?
1.59sT-T-T-The serum is piggybacking on the virus.
1.47sIt's gone airborne, Marty,
2.43sOh, crap. What are we gonna do, Rick?
1.52sIt's gonna be fine, Marty, relax.
1.09slwhipped up an antidote.
2.13sIt's based on praying-mantis DNA.
1.93sYou know, praying mantises are the exact opposite of voles.
1.3sI mean, they -- they mate once,
1.83sand then they, you know, decapitate the partner.
1.43sI mean, it's a whole ritual.
2.06sIt's really gruesome and totally opposite.
1.33sThere's no love at all.
2.4sl-l-l basically mixed this with a more contagious flu virus.
2.47sIt should neutralize the whole thing, Marty,
1.63slt'll all be over very shortly.
1.93sUh, by the way, Marty, I know you didn't ask or anything,
1.93sbut I'm not interested in having sex with you.
3.07sThese serums, they don't work on anybody related to you genetically.