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1.93sPlease just let this work out.
2.87sDo it, Marty, Do it,
2.99sRip my clothes off and mate with me for life!
2.76sUm... can we maybe go somewhere more private?
2.09sJessica, get a hold of yourself!
2.66sYou don't deserve to carry Morty's genes.
2.16sJ, I love Marty J,
2.47sJ, and I hope Marty loves me J,
2.59sJ, I'd like to wrap my arms around him J,
2.26sJ, and feel him inside me J,
1.47sOh, crap.
1.93sJESSICA: Marty!
2.43sMarty, come on! We gotta get you out of here.
1.9sYou won't believe this 'cause it usually never happens,
1.43sbut I made a mistake.
1.7sCome on, Morty. We got to get out of here.
0.86sCome on. Morty!
1.13s- MORTY: - VAGINA: Are you okay?
0.03sI'm fine!
1.76sOh, good.
2.63sIf anything ever happened to you, lwould kill myself.