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2.3sJERRY: She's gonna be alone with that guy all night.
1.93sYeah, Dad, digging around the insides of horses.
1.73sIt's not a very romantic setting.
3.36sRICK: Well, Summer, there's always the possibility that she made the whole work thing up,
1.97sMaybe Davin's digging around in herinsides.
2.87sGrandpa, so gross! You're talking about my mom.
1.59sWell, she's my daughter, Summer.
1.43sl outrank you.
2.66sOr family means nothing, in which case don't play that card.
1.73sShe's not responding to my texts!
2.4sCareful, Dad. Jealousy turns women off.
1.7sWell, isn't that convenient?
1.7sNot for the men they cheat on, no.
2.37sOkay, I'm... going to go out...
1.3sfor some ice cream.
1.47sAnd maybe stop by the hospital...
1.9sto support my wife,,,
2.23swith my confidence.