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1.93sOh, man, Morty.
1.59sI'm really sorry.
2.37sOh, well, n-no problem, Brad.
2.16sThere's something special about you, Marty --
1.33sso special.
1.93sWhoa, take it easy! Get your hands off of him!
1.93sBack off! I'm trying to be with my man!
1.52sThat's enough, Bradley!
1.7sWe don't want you injuring your ball-throwing arm.
1.43sOh, come on, Principal Vagina. I just...
2.13sNever leave me, Marty, Never!
2.99sUh, sure. I mean, o-of course not.
2.47sW-What do you think that was all about?
1.66sWho cares? Just hold me.
2.37sLet me go! I love you, Marty!
1.56sLet go of me!
2.3sJERRY: She's gonna be alone with that guy all night.
1.93sYeah, Dad, digging around the insides of horses.
1.73sIt's not a very romantic setting.
3.36sRICK: Well, Summer, there's always the possibility that she made the whole work thing up,
1.97sMaybe Davin's digging around in herinsides.