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1.93sAre you happy now, Marty? Heck, yeah!
1.99sThank you, Grandpa Rick.
1.83sHey, there's no... dangers or anything,
1.43sor side effects, right?
1.59sW-W-W-What am l, a hack?
2.16sGo nuts, Morty. It's foolproof.
2.76sEh, unless she has the flu.
2.8sBeth, do y-you still love me?
2.3sUgh, what kind of question is that?
1.87sThe "yes or no" kind?
2.43sJerry, do you want homeless people to have homes?
0.99sAre you gonna build them?
1.59sThen what good was the "yes"?
2.97sWait, i-is loving me the house or the homeless people?
2.8sLoving you is work, Jerry -- hard work,
1.93slike building a homeless shelter --
1.83snobody wants to say no to doing it,
1.63sbut some people put the work in.
2.09sSo, what do you say? Do you see me working here?
2.33sDoes this conversation seem tedious to me?
1.23sSort of.
1.66sThen I obviously sortoflove you, don't I?