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2.33sThis is the chemical released in a mammal's brain, you know,
1.33sthat makes it fall in love.
2.26sI just gotta -- combine it with your DNA.
1.76sOh, well, okay.
1.93sA hair, Marty, I need one of your hairs.
1.7sThis isn't "Game of Thrones."
3.97sAll right, Marty, whoever you smear this stuff on will fall in love with you, and only you, forever.
1.93sAre you happy now, Marty? Heck, yeah!
1.99sThank you, Grandpa Rick.
1.83sHey, there's no... dangers or anything,
1.43sor side effects, right?
1.59sW-W-W-What am l, a hack?
2.16sGo nuts, Morty. It's foolproof.
2.76sEh, unless she has the flu.
2.8sBeth, do y-you still love me?
2.3sUgh, what kind of question is that?
1.87sThe "yes or no" kind?
2.43sJerry, do you want homeless people to have homes?