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1.99sYou know, like, some sort of love potion or something?
1.59sMarty, that's such a poor use of my time.
2.3slt's beneath me. Hand me the screwdriver.
1.56sYou know what? No, Rick!
1.59sI'm not gonna hand you the screwdriver.
1.93sl-l'm not gonna hand you anything ever again, Rick!
2.3sI'm always helping you with this and that and the other thing.
2.09sW-W-W-W-W-What about me, Rick?
1.93sW-W-W-W-Why can't you just help me out once --
1.4sonce -- for once?
2.09sYou're growing up fast, Marty,
2.99sYou're growing into a real big thorn straight up into my ass.
1.93sListen, this is called oxytocin.
1.4sl extracted it from a vole.
1.59sDo you know what a vole is, Marty?
3.39sYou know what a vole is? It's a -- it's a rodent that mates for life, Marty,
2.33sThis is the chemical released in a mammal's brain, you know,
1.33sthat makes it fall in love.
2.26sI just gotta -- combine it with your DNA.