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2.37sI'm not sure you wanna take romantic advice from this guy, Marty,
1.93sHis marriage is hanging from a thread.
2.26sMy marriage is fine, thank you.
5.13sJerry, it's your house -- whatever you say it is is how it is -- but I think a blind man could see that Beth is looking for the door.
2.26sI barely have a reason to care, and even /naticed,
2.23sCome on, Rick! Don't talk about my parents like that.
1.73sListen, Marty, I hate to break it to you,
1.59sbut what people call "love"
2.26sis just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.
2.59slt hits hard, Marty, then it slowly fades,
1.93sleaving you stranded in a failing marriage.
1.93sI did it, Your parents are gonna do it,
1.33sBreak the cycle, Marty,
1.8sRise above. Focus on science.
2.9sAll right, well, I'm gonna go get dressed for the dance.
3.8sYeah, I'm just going to... check on your mom.
3.09sMarty, hand me that screwdriver, huh?
2.76sI'm almost finished making my ionic defibulizer, Marty,
1.9sIt's gonna be great. Hey, listen, Rick.
1.76sY-Y-You know how you said that, you know,
1.99slove is a chemical and all that stuff from earlier?