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2.16sIt's not like we can do this every week, anyways.
1.52sWe get three or four more ofthese, tops,
1.73sNow, pick up your dead self and come on.
1.3sHaste makes waste.
2.13sl-l-l don't suppose you've considered this detail,
2.49sbut obviously, ifl hadn't screwed up as much as I did,
3.83swe'd be these guys right now, so, again, you're welcome.
6.8sJ, Look on down from the bridge J,
7.1sJ, There's still fountains down there J,
5.8sJ, Look on down from the bridge J,
7.3sJ, It's still raining up here J,
7.81sJ, Everybody seems so far away from me J,