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1.06slike you always do.
1.8sWhoa! That's some great luck.
1.93sCome on, Morty. Luck had nothing to do with it,
2.97sl'm great. That's the real reason.
2.03sNow, Marty, what do you say, buddy?
3.6sWill you hand me a screwdriver so I can finish my ionic dis-- defibulizer?
2.26sSure thing, Rick. Here's a screwdriver.
2.26sAll right, Marty, Thank you very much.
2.94sWe got one screw turn... and two screw turns...
1.4sAll right, Marty, here we are.
1.93sOh, my god, Rick! Is that us?!
1.87sW-W-W-We're dead! What is going on, Rick?
1.56sl'm freaking out!
1.59sCalm down, Morty! Look at me! Calm down, Morty!
1.59sNo, I can't deal with this!
1.59sCalm yourself, Morty.
1.49sI can't deal with this, Rick!
1.43s- Calm down, Morty. - This can't be real!
2.13s- You gotta calm down, Marty, - W-W-W-W-We're ripped apart!
1.9sShut up and listen to me!
1.26sIt's fine. Everything is fine.
1.47sThere's an infinite number of realities, Marty,
1.63sand in a few dozen ofthose,
1.99sI got lucky and turned everything back to normal.
4.36sI just had to find one ofthose realities in which we also happen to both die around this time.