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3.4sHere, Marty, put this on while I do a little bit of scouting.
1.93sMORTY: Wow, Rick, I gotta say --
2.06syou really pulled a rabbit out of your hat this time.
3.77sI mean, l-l really thought that the whole place was gonna be messed up for good,
1.9sbut here, you did it -- y-y-you -- you --
1.7syou figured out that crazy solution,
1.06slike you always do.
1.8sWhoa! That's some great luck.
1.93sCome on, Morty. Luck had nothing to do with it,
2.97sl'm great. That's the real reason.
2.03sNow, Marty, what do you say, buddy?
3.6sWill you hand me a screwdriver so I can finish my ionic dis-- defibulizer?
2.26sSure thing, Rick. Here's a screwdriver.
2.26sAll right, Marty, Thank you very much.
2.94sWe got one screw turn... and two screw turns...
1.4sAll right, Marty, here we are.
1.93sOh, my god, Rick! Is that us?!