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1.8sPoor Amy.
3.07sMy days of joy and luck are over.
2sGuess I got to quit that club.
1.87sI can't believe our Leela's gone.
4.44sYou always think you're going to disappear in space before your children.
1.47sWelcome, everyone.
3.17sWhat a pleasure to see so many miserable faces.
2.73s(EXCLAIMING) Lemony!
4.02sI had intended to unveil a beautiful stone memorial today.
1.8sBut due to the recent tragedy,
3.47sI humbly ask you to join me in a simple prayer.
1.69sALL: Boo!
2.27sNo refunds! Shut up and bow your heads!
2.45sO, mighty Isis...
2.52sOh, no. My deal is doing the thing.