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1.9sWell, actually it's very complicated.
2.1sLuckily, I'm here to explain it.
4.27sYou see, this space whale feeds on obsession.
3.1sWow. Are you gross looking. Go on.
1.52sThe great space serpent... Mammal.
3.5s...figured out long ago that no one's more obsessed than space captains.
1.13sOh! Ah!
2.24sWhat are these things? Get away!
1.75sThe whale's nearly sucked me dry.
2.72sIt'll need a new source of obsession once I'm gone.
4.6sHow many times do I have to tell other people? I'm not obsessed.
1.9sThe whale is obsession, Leela.
1.78sAnd you are the whale!
1.72sI am not the whale!
2.77sAll I wanted was to complete my delivery.
3.54sIs that too much to ask? One chicken pickin' delivery?
1.5sThis whale's gonna pay.
3.1sIt can't escape what it already is, me!
2.2sI am the whale!