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2.3sis a damn sight better than weeks of starvation.
3.35sWell, I suppose, but I mean,
3.94sI joined Penguins Unlimited to love penguins, not to hunt them.
1.9sThis time the two are one and the same.
3.7sNow, are you with us, or are you gonna let innocent penguins suffer?
5.02sOh, God, it's inhuman! It's like Hong Kong! I'll do it!
4.59sThat's a good old-fashioned gun. Simple point-and-click interface.
1.68sRifle check!
0.84sOh, yeah!
1.8sWhee doggie!
1.98sHey, you're enjoying this.
2.67sLook, nobody enjoys shootin' penguins.
3.08sBut if you have to shoot penguins, well, you might as well enjoy it.
4.1sI'm sorry, but if it's fun in any way, it's not environmentalism.