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3.52sGood work, everyone. I suggest you all go get some sleep.
2.37sMe? Well, I'm gonna stay up all night...
3.3ssinging songs about penguins in a fine piercing tenor.
2.17sHas anyone seen Bender?
4.14sBender! Here, robot, robot, robot!
3.29sHey, why weren't you Kong Donkeys outside cleaning up?
3.29sThey sent us inside for doing an unsatisfactory job...
2.27sand eating penguin eggs.
3.47sYou ate most of them. So, where's Captain Bender?
2.2sOff "catastrophizing" some other planet?
1.94sDamn it, Fry!
2.34sHe may have done wrong, but he's still your captain.
2.77sI'm worried about him. He didn't come back with the group.
4.25sHe didn't? No, and with windchill it's 20 degrees below absolute zero.
2.23sI better go find him. Wait. Let me.
3.37sBender and I have our disagreements, but we're still friends.
2.05sAnd I'm gonna show him what that means.